8 Exciting Features that You Don’t Know Exist on Instagram

Thanks to its optimized social connections and simple interface, it’s no wonder that Instagram has become the most popular app in the world for photo sharing. Currently, it has around 400 million users and one can easily figure out the basics like choosing a filter or cropping a photo to make this app look better. Despite having a simple interface, Instagram has some exciting features to enhance your experience you may not know about. So, have a look at these 8 exciting and new features that are probably unknown –

  1. Hide Filters when Not in Use

Thanks to the photo filters, Instagram became famous. With the improvement in camera quality, users have become more aware of using X-PRO II. Fortunately, Instagram allows users to hide their photo filters when not in use.

All you need to open a picture which is ready to edit, scroll to the right, go to the Filters tab, and choose Manage. You can easily check or uncheck filters if you want them to appear or not.

  1. Don’t Want to See Bad Photos Again Being Tagged by Others

If you have a polished account, you may know the suffering of getting tagged in awful photos haunting your account whenever someone visits your account and goes through “Photos of You” tab.

All you need to visit the “Photos of You” tab, choose a photo, see the tags by tapping on the image, select your name and tap “Hide from My Profile” and “Finished”, if you want to hide that tagged picture.

  1. See Your Friends’ Activity

Have you ever tried to find out what types of photos are liked by the people you follow? Instagram comes with an inbuilt feature on the “Activity” tab with which you can get the clear view of what people like. All you need to visit “Activity” and scroll to “Following” tab.

  1. Get Notified when the People You Follow Post Something New

We all have people we are most obsessed about in Instagram. We just can’t resist checking their accounts as the photos are simply awesome. However, checking out the accounts obsessively may feel awkward. Luckily, Instagram comes with a feature that notifies you whenever people you like post something new.

All you have to tap the menu (three dots) in the top left and choose “Turn on Post Notification”.

  1. See All Pictures You Liked Before

Desperately looking for a picture is painful, especially when you come to know that it cannot go far off the feed as you liked it before. By considering this pain, Instagram has come with inbuilt feature “Photos You’ve liked” in Settings.

  1. The Direct Messaging Feature You May Not Know about

The private messaging feature, Instagram Direct, is yet another secret most people don’t know about. It goes almost unused. Only 85 million users from total 400 million people know about this feature. With Instagram Direct, you can add all the tweaks of public posts and filters to a specific person. Click inbox icon to access Direct.

  1. Send Direct Messages to Your Friends

Forwarding the pictures of someone else has a screenshot in a chat application. Recently, Instagram released a whole new feature with which you can send someone’s pictures. Click arrow button, choose the recipient, type message and select send.

  1. Hashtag Emojis

Hashtags may look very specific, something like #alwaysnforever or #yaaay, according to the knowledge level of the user. But Emojis are the ones which go beyond the cultural and language boundaries. You may look for Emoji Hashtags. You may look for French flag emoji instead of #vivelafrance or #France.