How Can I Get More Followers On Instagram

In a certain community, for you to be known and appreciated you have to make people aware of your existence. Some people might notice you without you telling straight to their faces that you’re there but some people still need something to catch their attention. You need to say something for them to tell you what they also think. You have to appreciate them for them to also do the same. You should tell interesting stories about you or about something to attract their interest in you. It’s not that simple yet it’s not hard.

Instagram, aside from being a social media site, is also a very good example of a virtual community. The question of how can I get more followers on Instagram is like finding ways to be accepted in a community you are new in.

How Can I Get More Followers on Instagram?
 Make the Instagrammers aware of your presence
For starters, follow a few people, preferably friends, to let them know that you’re one of them now. Usually, if your account is connected to Facebook, Twitter etc. and a friend of yours from those social media sites just joined Instagram, Instagram will inform you through a notification which it makes it easier.

 Post photos with meaning or those that tell a story.
As much as you love yourself, minimize or never post photos of yourself just because you feel vanity creeping in your veins. Post photos that are meaningful or those that can truly be appreciated such as a famous landmark of somewhere you’ve been. This makes your photos more interesting.

 Like as many random photos as you can.
If you want others to like your photos, like their photos too. This might sound tedious, but it works. Most users return the favor if you like their photos first.

 Use hash tags.
Hash tags help your photos to be discovered. Hash tags classify photos to help users whenever they’re searching.

 Interact with fellow Instagrammers.
Comment on as many photos as much as possible. It tells users that you are real and active and not just some bot. If you write positive comments the more they will want to follow you and positively comment back on your photos.

 Geotag your photos.
This feature is the least used feature of Instagram but if you think about it, if you Geotag your photo, users will know where you took it and would know that you’ve to this place and to that, which would also make your photos more interesting.